This weekend I attempted to start a cell phone contract after hearing from another American that he got one without any trouble.  Pay-as-you-go phones don’t require any authorization, but I’d have to pay full price (£220+) for the phone I wanted.  After making 3 trips, then working over the web, and calling the help line, I was finally able on my 4th trip to the T-Mobile store to walk away with a new phone and a contract.  The trouble spawns from having no credit history in the UK.  (I’m not sure how my friend fell through the cracks and got not hassles since he has less ID than me!)  Anyhow, I’m now the proud owner of a T-Mobile MDA Vario

MDA Vario

I played around with it most of the day and, of course, got nothing productive done!  Besides not having a cell phone, I am beginning to get tired of lugging around a laptop everywhere.  It would be much more easy to carry a PDA (with Pocket Word) and a Bluetooth keyboard.  Plus I hope to use it for German flashcards as I did for GRE and Greek words with Southpaw’s Palm version

Update (July 2007): The phone’s been doing great. I’d definitely get it again. I even accidentally briefly soaked it in some water. I let it dry out over night and no problems. I would say the only drawbacks are the weight–not to bad but more than I want sometimes–and dialing numbers–which I don’t do that often b/c I usually just use my contacts. Dialing isn’t hard but it’s just a little awkward on the touch screen.