My apologies for neglecting my blog over the past few weeks.  I should have blogged more when at ETS/SBL and now that I’ve been back I’ve been playing catch-up with reading and other projects.  Most of my evenings have been filled by typing in theological german word lists to use with PocketScholar after putting the boys to bed.  I’ve finished that, but have experienced a little difficulty with font issues, which Jamie at PocketScholar is looking into.  So I’ve moved into working on my Greek vocab instead. 

Study-wise I’ve moved into reading Käsemann.  My previous reading was primarily one systematic account of each author, whereas with Käsemann it’s more article based so it feels like bits and pieces of the whole.  Unfortunately, his thesis Leib und Lieb Christi has not been translated, but I’m sure I’ll eventually read through it in German for my own thesis.

I also just finished Guy Waters’ book about the New Perspective on Paul.  I definitely am not a big NPP proponent, but one sided accounts of things (like Waters’) often grate against me.  Now I’ve got to go read the major response and Waters’ response to that.  I also read a little of Don Garlington’s response to Piper’s book on Imputation.  I saw Don Garlington for the first time at ETS & SBL, and I liked his style.  He seems to have a more mediating position that tries to incorporate the best of both sides.