First, I have to give a shout out to the Veazeys who hosted me for the week.  Gary and Ruth were great hosts and made my time there great! 

My first couple of days were almost a wash due to jet lag and a head cold.  However, it was good to be able to meet people and catch up with old friends during that time when my brain wasn’t all there.  Particularly, spending time with Xavier and Karen Bannis was great.  I also got to catch up with Keith Loftin and finally meet Clint, who unwisely is friends with Xavier and Keith.  (By the way Clint, I feel bad that I we didn’t get to chat more.  Definitely give me a shout out with any questions.)  One great surprise was seeing my friend, Brandon McAfee, who is now in New York.  I only wish I had more time with him. 

I also met Michael Bird, an aussie teaching just up the road in far north Scotland.  He has a blog that I find interesting–Euangelion.  I also sat next to Garry Friesen, who wrote Decision Making and the Will of God, which I thought was very good.  I had a very nice conversation with him.  There were a few others…James Taylor who is now at Wheaton and a few others from there. 

So after meeting all these people, I started to catch some steam and started to engage in a few sessions.  My friend Joey (aka Joseph) Dodson at Aberdeen/Tübingen gave one of the best presented papers I saw at ETS–he had a good argument and an engaging style.  I also enjoyed Don Garlington’s presentation, and was also impressed by his style and argumentation.  I saw several others but not much that really grabbed me, but a good bit of that I think was related to my jet lag. 

One of the best parts was eating out.  Since this was my first trip back to the US, I ate at Chipotle a couple of times and a few other good “American” places.  I also took the opportunity with Joey and Sadie Dodson to go for a tour of the Capitol.  We had intended to get to the White House but there was a mix-up at the Senate building with our tickets, so they took us on a tour of the Capitol instead, which I think was much better.

All in all, it was a good event, but nothing outstanding.  Had I not also gone to SBL, it might not have been worth the plane ticket.