Here’s a question I got, and since I’m just a neophyte with all this stuff, I thought I’d do a main post so anyone else can comment:

This had nothing to do with this post. Rather, I have a question concerning PDA’s and languages. I know that you use some type of software either on your PDA or PDA phone combo. I am looking to invest in a PDA and do not really know a whole lot about them or the language software (I will eventually need Greek, Hebrew, French and German). So, what advice do you have. Maybe you can save me from any pitfalls. If possible, I would love to have a PDA and phone all in one. Let me know what you think.


I’m not an expert but here are my thoughts: I’ve had Palm and PocketPC PDAs. My Palm PDA was a little older at the time (B/W, smaller memory), but I was definitely satisfied with it. There are lots of Palm products and free stuff. However, now that I’ve got a current PPC, I’m not sure that I’d go back. It is so seemless with Windows. It’s got pared down versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PPt. Plus, on fonts all you have to do is copy TT fonts from your Windows computer to the pda and they automatically download. I’ve not done any typing on it, but Greek, Hebrew, and German have done beautifully. I got a bluetooth keyboard for Christmas, so now that’s all I have to carry instead of a laptop for basic note taking.

On the PDA, I’d go with a Windows Mobile 5.0+ operating system instead of Symbion because WMOS sees to be the most supported with programs (e.g., PocketScholar currently is only on Win. Mobile). If Europe is an option, you’d be the safest with a quad-band gsm phone, but lot’s of phones here are just tri-band gsm (i think). (BTW, cingular didn’t let me out of my contract for moving out of the country.) I’ve got a T-Mobile MDA Vario, I think it’s got a different name in the US, but it’s been a good phone and even survived a quick dip in some water from a water bottle that leaked.

Anybody else have thoughts?