Over the last several weeks I’ve been integrating the RCC Breviary into my daily reading/prayer routine. My pattern for the past several years is to read one chapter of the Bible a day and then pray according to my prayer list which is broken into different items for each day of the week. It has been quite refreshing to introduce something different into the mix that is very scripture based but directs my prayers in new directions. The reader that I have also gives background on the feast days and the saints lives associated with them, which is also encouraging.

The cool thing is that you can download it for free through your PDA at Avantgo.com. Once you’ve got Avantgo, you can pick up the breviary through Universalis.com. Or you can just read it through Universalis on the web or through an RSS feed.

N.B. For those of you who don’t know much about the breviary, it’s a shortened form of the Liturgy of the Hours, or Divine Office, that contains main readings for the morning, evening, and night and shorter readings for the other hours. The Liturgy of the Hours is primarily a RCC form of the Canonical Hours, which are found in both the East and the West.

Anyone found any other good devotional resources that you’d recommend?