Here are some quick thoughts I had. I just added one other benefit for the US being a longer time period–allowing for more time to have get out a publication before graduation.

  • B: 3 years (give or take); A: 5+ years (while longer, the US does make it a little easier to have time to get at least one publication b4 graduation)
  • B: “focused”; A: “broader” (stereotypical answers). American system is broader at first through seminars, but then focused. But you are regularly exposed to different topics along the way thru the NT seminar and sitting in on MA modules. American is supposedly better preparation for teaching b/c broader, but I think it is not as either/or as it is sometimes made out to be.
  • B: Regular contact with others through the whole process through the NT seminar; A: Not sure, but once you get to writing it seems you are more on your own b/c no more course work. But not sure on that.
  • B: Uni based; A: choice of Uni or seminary. (I wanted uni based so more diversity in my education.)
  • B: international experience; A: not. (Though this depends on where you start from…)
  • Cost may be much more or may be equivalent for US person going to UK (b/c of exchange rate, and international student fees) and moving/travel costs. About = for UK to US?What have I missed?
  • See also my UK vs US Redivivus