Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Not any paradigm shifting changes of my perspectives, just a couple of small points.

1) Ustinov housing. I saw my first 3 bedroom apartment there (at Keenan House). It looked like a regular apartment, and not as dorm-roomish as the 1 bedroomers do. It wasn’t a bad option before, but this definitely raised my opinion of the options there.

2) Library in Durham. I was just involved in picking out new NT books for the library. Based on the purchase list I helped with, they will be getting many of the most current academic studies. While it’s not ever going to be as nice as one of the large seminaries in the US, they are very willing to buy books that postgrads want. You can submit a request as a postgrad, and from an email I just read, those requests get higher priority than the general purchases.

I figured that I should start organizing my comments and pointers about things into categories so they are easier to find. Also, I pulled a few things out of comments that I’ve added and made a formal page out of them (e.g., the thesis proposal). Check out my categories: Moving to the UK, PhD in Durham, PhD Pointers.