Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Doug Campbell’s The Quest for Paul’s Gospel. I’m a couple of chapters in. So far it seems a decent read. I like books that look at the big picture, and this one aims to do that. He’s arguing for a “pneumatologically participatory martyrological eschatology” and against the Justification by Faith model (see Westerholm) and (nuancedly, is that a word?) against the Salvation-Historical model (Wright, Davies, Cullmann).

Just read… Richard Hay’s Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul. (I’m on a Duke swing.) I liked it a good bit. It gave some good evidence for continuity between Paul’s understanding of God’s work now and in the OT. That was one aspect of the book I had just finished (see next) that didn’t seem to be addressed well. While not directly addressing the NPP, it does add some firepower into the exile as a motif that Paul is drawing upon.

And also recently finished… Stephen Westerholm’s Perspectives Old and New on Paul: The ‘Lutheran’ Paul and His Critics. Definitely a good read, with a good bit of humor! The key idea is that Paul wasn’t necessarily battling legalism in a bad form, but just the Law in itself was inadequate to do what Jesus had already done. But as mentioned above, I was left wanting a little more in the way of continuity in the work of God. One aspect was Westerholm’s emphasis on the antithesis of Faith vs. Law. Weren’t there “believing” Jews following God through the Law before Christ? But other than that, a great read.

Teach, research, start a small fire,… Nijay’s got a post about another area that I hadn’t really though of.