We’ve all got to go sometime, but you hate to see somebody like Bruce go. The SBL site has a nice obituary about him.

I have a little story about Bruce. He came to Ouachita (pronounced Wa-shi-taw) when I was an undergrad to give a few lectures. One of the lectures was at the school’s main weekly chapel service. It turned out that I was asked to give the benediction to the service, which happened to be my only time to do something for chapel. Anyhow, Bruce gave a sermon on prayer from the Matthew 6. This definitely ratcheted up the pressure for me since I was going to pray just after his talk and be judged by 1500 others about how well I applied the principles in his sermon. This shouldn’t have been a problem, but as a good Baptist I didn’t prepare anything before hand, so I was shooting off the cuff. I don’t remember saying anything heretical, but I’ll always remember being (unintentionally) put on the spot by Bruce.

He did, however, autograph my USB4 text. It’s sitting right beside my autographed copy of Bill Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek. It’s funny how I was such in awe of both of these guys back then, and I still highly respect both of them. You can tell that they had a very strong language program at Ouachita since those were two of my heroes.