I was recently asked about places to live in the city. I remembered this morning that we were given a helpful summary of some of the housing areas and options: Housing Information. It’s focused on single students living with friends, but still helpful for couples and families as well. While not exhaustive, it does provide the major areas. For those wanting to walk to school, a 30 minute or less commute is ideal. The three main areas covered in the document that fit that description are: The City Center, Neville’s Cross and Merryoaks, and Gilesgate. If you live outside this area, you should plan on getting a car (but parking will be a real issue) or taking the bus.

Of those Americans without kids and that don’t live in-college, most live in Gilesgate. Those with kids seem to be more spread out due to needing larger houses, although there are a couple of families (including us) that live in Gilesgate also.

For more details on how our housing search proceeded (and tips for the process), see here.