I’ve been thinking about pacificism and wars lately. I’m in general skeptical of governments making the most moral decisions with regard to acquiring and displaying power. So, I’m beginning to think that we should be much more hesitant to support the government engaging in new conflicts. Also, since I’ve got a numbers background, I just can’t get over the huge portion of money spent on Department of Defense. What if more of that money was spent on economic develop aid or micro loans, or something that would encourage peace rather than conflict. But the true point of this post was that I randomly came across this video of John Lennon promoting peace, and it struck me that Evangelicals seem to be some of the most behind the escalation of the military budgets and military use. I know that is a broad stroke stereotype, but I think it has some foundation. Lennon’s mention of Hari Krishna in the video got me thinking that it’s a shame that Evangelicals seem to be on the wrong side while unbelievers are not. Thoughts?

Grace and PEACE from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.