I went with some friends to Newcastle a week ago on Tues. and heard from Kevin Warwick, professor at the University of Reading. I didn’t have time to post, so I borrowed this from a friend’s blog:

Warwick has previously placed a RFID (radio frequency identification) computer chip inside his body (apparently the first ever to do this) so that the doors of his office open for him, lights turn on/off for him upon arrival/departure, and he received a ‘welcome dr warwick’ greeting when he strolled into the office. This chip is no longer in him but supposedly this is the way things are heading. Rather than carrying credit cards, money, driver’s license etc., we will have chips implanted in our bodies containing all our information; and this was one of the more tame predictions. Warwick also sees a time when humans will connect their brains to networks in order to both transmit and receive information. Again, he was the first (apparently) to have a chip implanted directly into a nerve to transmit and receive signals electronically. There were all kinds interesting (and scary) things that Warwick mentioned in this presentation. Warwick’s prediction for the future: the future belongs to cyborgs, that is, humans that have been enhanced electrically. This post-human race will dominate the world. Warwick was quick to assure concerned ears that not everyone has to get the myriad of enhancements that will be available—but not doing so will probably leave one in the dust!