Someone looking at my list of UK Biblical Studies programs and their NT lectures asked about the cost of the programs. Being curious myself, I thought I’d pull together the list and add it to the page of programs. Focusing primarily on the 2007-2008 rates, I found a few interesting things.

1) The average home rate is ~£3,200, while the international rate ranged from ~£8,000-£11,000. The average international rate seemed about £9,500.
2) Ox-bridge is not as expensive as I thought, relative to the other schools. However, counting college fees of ~£2,000, they were the two most expensive schools, but Oxford was more so at ~£12,775. For some reason I thought they both were another £5,000 more expensive, or more.
3) London School of Theology came in the lowest at £6,513 (a 2006-2007 rate).

I think I heard once that in Scotland the departments get to keep a higher share of the international premium, rather than it just going into the general pot. Can anyone confirm or challenge this?