Our pastor and her husband graciously surprised us by offering to loan us their car while they were out of town on vacation after Easter. We definitely didn’t turn them down, and so we got to see a some more local stuff. Now that I’ve hit the road a few times, I had a few additional thoughts from my previous post on this subject.

Roads: There seem to be 3 main types of roads (M, A, and B) that are all numbered, such as M6, A690, B6314, etc. M (Motorway): These are equivalent to interstate highways in the US, with at least 4 lanes and off/on ramps. There aren’t many of them in this part of the country. Most are down south, though the M6 runs North-South in the west part of the country. However, the A1 is motorway for a stretch south of Newcastle down past Durham, hence it is labeled A1(M) for that stretch. A: These are equivalent to US Highways (~Route 66, or something). These often switch between 2 and 4 lanes, and they are the often the main routes to get anywhere around here. But they take you through towns and all their roundabouts so progress is not often that speedy. B: These are just regular country roads (~F.M.–Farm to Market roads in Texas). They are often wind around quite a bit and aren’t that wide. By the way, the roads are very good here. I can’t think of one that needed repairs.

Road Signs. Here are a few road signs that aren’t that obvious:
No Stopping No Stopping or Parking (I presume on the side of the road).
National Speed Limit The end of a speed zone, and now the National Speed Limit Applies
One Way One Way
End of Motorway End of the Motorway
Here’s an index of all major road signs.

Speed Limits: I wasn’t sure about the speed limits for regular roads that weren’t a major pathway. But it seems the national speed limit is 30 MPH in town, 60 MPH on 2 lane (single carriageways), and 70 MPH on 4 lane+ (dual carriageways/motorways).

Drivers License: Here’s a UKCOSA link that has handy information for internationals driving in the UK that talks about the 12 month rule for getting a license.