I preached this morning at Carrville Methodist Church here in Durham. As with Woody Allen, my opinion of this church is less because they let people like me preach there. 🙂 Actually, there is always a steady stream of different preachers here in the Methodist churches because all the churches, whether they have FT pastors or not, rotate preaching around the local circuit.

I’ve now preached on 3.5 continents–North America, Australia, Europe, and Central America (Belize)–not sure how that fits into the continent scheme. I went with the lectionary passage of Acts 2, and I think it went alright. I can say that the whole experience is much better than the ole’ preaching class days.

I went a few minutes longer than the manuscript version of my sermon was but hopefully not long enough to bore people. I talked with a guy afterwards and he mentioned that with my different accent he had to focus on what I was saying the whole time, which he said helped him to get more out of it. I did notice a little better eye contact with the crowd than some times in the states.