Over the past few weeks, I’ve had this irresistable urge to go buy a BBQ. The weather has been pretty good, and pan-fried burgers just don’t cut it. So I found one for a decent price at Argos when I was returning something to them (which by the way, they are one of the most customer friendly places I’ve found–UK or US–especially when it comes to returns). Anyhow, I brought it home late last week, and with stuff going on I wasn’t able to get it going until Monday for dinner. We grilled burgers (in US-speak–grilling in the UK is something you do in your oven, I think) and hot dogs, and my wife bought some potato salad and cole slaw to go with it. It was a right proper event–there’s nothing like grilled meat.
Afterwards, it hit me that my internal holiday clock must have been going off. Monday was a bank holiday here, but as far as I can tell it isn’t associated with any specific holiday–just a day off. Anyhow, I totally forgot about it being Memorial Day in the states. So just by instinct we had a good Memorial Day cookout. But with the weather hovering about 60, it was a little cooler than the 90+ weather back in TX. (We’ve had a cool stretch, but I’ve definitely adjusted to 60’s and low 70’s as comfortable.)