Here’s a quote from my wife’s blog, in light of the exchange rate…

Ben and I decided to go out on a (much needed) date tonight while my grandparents were here to babysit. We’ve been hearing about a pretty decent Mexican restaurant (Chiquitos) here in the city centre, so we thought we’d go check it out. I had some great chicken fajitas (no beans and rice served with it though) and Ben had chicken enchiladas. We both also *splurged* and got a soda with dinner…plus a coffee at the end. Our bill came to £30. If you just change that pound sign to a dollar sign that seems reasonable — it was definitely a $30 dinner. BUT if you actually do the £ to $ conversion, it makes you want to choke on all the food you just ate…$60 for that?!?!?! Ugghhh! And that’s why we ALWAYS eat at home in England!

I also noticed that one block from the house/flat that I’m staying at is a Mexicanishe Restaurant. I’ll have to make some comparisons, since my home cooking skills are very limited.