There are benefits to eating at home besides saving money. Health! Mark brought up chippies. (Take aways (~take outs) are pretty popular here.) We had fish and chips the other day with Heather’s g-parents, and my stomach was unsettled for the next 3-4 hours b/c we never have anywhere near that much grease when we cook. (This also happened at a different F&C place when my parents came to visit, so it wasn’t from bad fish.) This is saying something, because I’m from the south and everything is fried there.

I actually hope we continue this eating habit when (or if) we return to the States. It’s still cheaper there to eat at home, and definitely more healthy. But I suppose with the slower pace of life here in Durham (which we love!), it’s a little easier to cook all your meals. Lord willing, we’ll learn something from our life here and try to live more like that later as well.

Mark B., We’ll definitely take you up on your offer when I return. Maybe I’ll learn something about cooking here; otherwise, it will be lots of fruit, cereal, grilled cheese sandwiches, and peanut butter & jam (for those in the US ‘jelly’ is the term for US ‘jello’). I suppose I should have gotten a bachelor’s cookbook before I left–I’m not sure a german one would help–maybe by the end of the class.