I feel that my vocab is picking up–although what I’m learning is pretty context specific. Since I’ve been specifically translating through the news every day, lots of the words I’m picking up are either battle and disaster related (Gaza, Iraq), government related (EU, G8), and the like. But I can say that after doing this for about a week now, I can make it through the stories much quicker and have to look up many fewer words each day. I think in the coming week I’ll move to translating Paul’s letters. I’ve found it works well to just keep a running list of new words I come across, and regularly review those. That way I’m focusing on words that are actually used and ones that I see within their own context.

The class is good, but it is really beginning to wear on me. 4.5 hours a day in German is a lot, and I’m beginning to feel that sometimes my time just sitting and tranlating through texts are sometimes more helpful because I build my vocab faster. However, we’ve been working prepositions some, and it’s clear that I wouldn’t pick up the distinctive uses of auf, an, etc. from the English uses without doing it in class. In fact, even after going through it in class I’m still having trouble, so I decided that I’m going to record every time I see a preposition used so I can get a feel of which ones are used in which context.

My wife came for a 2.5 day visit, and it provided a nice break from the daily class routine. We did some sight seeing and I took a day off from class. When I came back on Friday, I felt more engaged.