As requested here are a pics of where I’m staying and other major sights:

The apartment building I’m staying in. I’m in Friedrichshain, which is just east of the city centre, about 20-25 trip by U-Bahn to Goethe, which is in the former East Berlin section of the city centre or Mitte. The layout seems pretty standard compared to others–bäckereien (bakeries), restaurants, etc. on the ground floor with living space above.

But in my neck of the woods (former East Berlin) there is lots of graffiti–on all the buildings. This is just outside my door. Hardly any litter (like you would find in Durham) but lots of graffiti.

Me next to a piece of the wall.

Here’s Brandenburg Gate, over Pariser Platz. The Quadriga (Goddess Victoria) is at the top. So German ‘victory’ stands over the ‘Paris’ Plaza–kind of a poke in the eye to the French after Napoleon took the statue, at least that’s what my tour guide said.

Also, here’s a slideshow my wife put together…