I submitted a proposal to the Paul seminar for the September British New Testament Society just before I left for Berlin. I got an email back saying that this year all the Paul papers were invited, so all the slots were filled. However, he sent my proposal on to the Hermeneutics section. And I received confirmation a few days ago that my paper ‘The Motif of Glory in Romans’ has been accepted. It’s a 45 minute slot, so I get 20-25 minutes to present and 20 minutes for questions. I think they say about 100 wpm reading is good–so that’s ‘only’ a 2000 word essay.

Before I submitted the proposal, I did some general writing on the topic to help get my thoughts together and think about key issues that should be discussed. From that I decided to focus on the timing of glory and relationship between righteousness and glory in the letter. The conference is in early September, so that gives me July and August to get it together.

I did a conference presentation back when I was doing my MBA but it was more informal–not a full paper but a summary of some financial analysis I did with regard to earnings management. I did it because it got me a free trip to Las Vegas for me and my wife from the school I was attending. Since another prof from my school was the one organizing it, I asked for the 8am slot on the first day hoping that I wouldn’t get much of a turnout. It was 10 or so people and one of them hammered me on the fact that I was using an old formula to test the results. In fact I knew I was, but it was the only one I could understand the math!

It is a little daunting to think about doing the presentation, but this is what academics do so I thought I should jump in as early as I can. This actually relates to my thesis topic, so hopefully it will move me along there too.