I turned on the TV this evening to chill out a little and do some homework. My TV gets about 20 channels or so, and all the shows are in German. However, quite a few are American shows with voice overs–CSI, Law and Order, and the like. There are also US movies that are the voiced-over as well. So tonight when I sat down they had an episode of King of Queens, but unfortunately my German isn’t good enough to follow the conversations.

After that there was another good US show–‘Ein Käfig voller Helden,’ or ‘A Cage Full of Heroes’ or you might know it better as ‘Hogan’s Heroes’. It just doesn’t seem the same when the prisoners have German accents as well. 🙂 It seems that the Germans are good at looking at their own history, but it’s weird to think that this is popular enough here to show.

In the mid-mornings the Walton’s comes on a different channel. In the UK I can understand picking up all the popular US shows, but it’s interesting to see how other places do as well.