Monday-Wednesday: I was tired of sight seeing, so I just took it easy. Instead I spent my extra time working through Romans and studying my lists of vocab that I’ve come across in my 4 weeks. As I mentioned in my previous post, I started focusing on synonyms, so I also started to add some of those to my previous lists. After class on Wednesday, I went out to eat with a few other classmates.

Thursday: Slept in. I hit a couple of sights a fortress in Spandau (far West Berlin). While there I passed by the 1936 Olympic Stadium. This is the famed place where Jessie Owens won gold at the early stages of Hitler’s rule against his goal to show Aryan superiority. I also had dinner with music/missions/et al. guy at IBC Berlin–the church I’ve attended the past two weekends. He offered to let me into the church bookstore so I could get a few German worship CDs. I got three of the Feiren und Loben CDs. The music sounds a little late 80s (instrument-wise), though several of the songs are recent English translations. Paul and I had a great dinner and discussion. It turns out that we’re both from east Texas, and have a couple of mutual friends. It’s seems like a really nice church with some good missions work. It was definitely a great way to end my last full day in Germany with somebody I just met that day for the first time but who shares the same faith.

Friday: Headed home around noon back to the UK. KLM doesn’t get high marks for efficiency at the Berlin airport. We left a couple of minutes late, but the real problem was the time it took to check in at their desk. They only check in individual flights at a specific gate, and as when Heather flew out, they just seemed to have 1 too few people processing passengers. Not a deal breaker to fly with them again, but an inconvenience. I was surprised to have to go through Passport control in Amsterdam and Newcastle, England, as I thought all EU connecting flights were exempt, but I guess not. It was just a quick stamp each time, so no troubles. All that said, my trip back to England was uneventful. I was very glad to be home and see my family. Good times.

Saturday: My sons’ best friends across the street have a German father, so I got to practice my German on them. There’s just something a little less intimidating when you are talking to 5 and 6 year-olds. So I get a regular chance to practice.

Other than that, life is back to normal. I grilled (or as they say here ‘BBQ’d’) this evening. I think we’re going to host a July 4 BBQ as well.