I’m reading through the parts of Paul’s letters in German. It hit me that it would be helpful to memorise some portions of the German (Lord’s Prayer, etc.). If I am going to do that, I want to use a good version. I usually fall towards an NIV-style translation, so I started to look for some info about modern German translations to see which would be the equivalent. Based on the stuff I found below, I haven’t found what I think is an NIV-type translation. Since I’m not keen on doing a Textus Receptus version, it seems that I’ll be going with the Luther 1984 version. [Update: After going through these, I think the Luther update is still too wooden. The Elberfelder is quite readable and also based on modern critical texts. So, it’s my translation of choice.]

I’d be happy if someone could give some more detail (or corrections) to my information about the versions below. (I’ve stared the ones in BW7.0)

*Lutherbibel (1984) – (~NKJV), updated version of Luther’s bible. I think this is one of the most broadly used translation, but someone said it still contains a few archaisms. I think Luther’s original version was based on the TR, but are the modern updates as well?

*Schlachter (2000) – NT based on Textus Receptus and OT on Massoretic Text (German description here)

*Elberfelder (1993) – (~NASB?), supposed to be a very literal translation. (John Nelson Darby was an original contributor in the late 19th century–those of you from DTS will know him.)

*Einheitsübersetzung (1980) – Catholic translation

Gute Nachricht Bibel – (~GNB), like the Good News Bible.

Neue Evangelistische Übertragung?

Here’s some generic bible information.
List of German translations, with a nice color coding scheme