I got an email today that my seminar slot was being increased from the typical 45 minutes to a full 80 minutes. Wow! I suppose that someone dropped out, so I get to benefit from the double amount of time. Speaking for 15-20 minutes longer isn’t what intimidates me as much, but having to respond to questions/discussion for 40 vs. 15 minutes. But as I see it, if I can handle this session, nothing should be much harder. Also, my fellow Paulinist here also reminded me that I can ask questions of the audience about areas that I thought were weak or need more work.

My main discovery at this point is that glory (doxa and it’s cognates) in Romans relates closely to immortality/incorruptibility with maybe less with the brilliant light (as with kavod in the LXX), and that the Spirit is the main means to experiencing that glory. Know of any body else that has made these connections? I’ve been working mostly in the primary texts at this point, and I’m just about to start my indepth secondary literature review. When I get the paper cleaned up more, I’ll post more details to see if I can convince you.