A couple of positive things to note:

1) People from other colleges can pay to have a membership at St. John’s library–I think it is £20. Apparently, this has been around a while and I just didn’t know about it because I was a member. Anyhow, I think this is great for people who want Ustinov housing, but don’t want to give up access to a close theological library. It’s my understanding, but I could easily be wrong, that Chad’s doesn’t allow this privilege, and it has some (but not near the amount of John’s) theological works. Also, one thing about John’s is that it has some theological journals that the main library doesn’t. Though neither seems to be overflowing with journals. John’s tend to be more pastoral and lay directed, but they have a handful that are core academic journals.

2) They are currently in the process of re-barcoding all the books in the library (i’m guessing about 10,000 volumes by my guestimate), so that you can see their books on the main library catalog. From talking with a friend that was involved in the process, it seems that they are nearing the completion of the re-coding process. I’m not sure, however, when the two computer systems will be linked.