DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary), my alma mater, has developed a Seminary Comparison website. It includes comparisons of up to 26 schools by 1) living factors (city info and living costs), 2) school data, and 3) degree costs (by masters and doctorate levels).

Their description:

The following information provides a synthesis of various factors through recognized, public organizations. Cost of living and city analysis is provided through bestplaces.net and is updated annually. Educational costs are provided through each institution’s public site. School data is provided by the Association of Theological School’s public site and reflects the most recent “census” data published by ATS (currently Sept 2006).

It’s a helpful comparison. I’m a little surprised that a school would have it, but since Dallas is in a lower cost of living area vs. the US average, I suppose they come out better than most on costs.

I was a little surprised to see that Wheaton is missing, but I suppose it isn’t technically a seminary. Ross at Triforce notes that you should look closely at enrollment numbers because it groups part-time and full-time students, but if you click on ‘source’ you get a breakout of details.

HT: Triforce of Wisdom