Saturday, August 11th, 2007

We officially made it to England 1 year ago on 1 August. We flew into Dublin, connected to Edinburgh, and then drove down to Durham. A long and tiring trip, but it could have been much more difficult. We beat the liquid bomb plot by a week or so, so we didn’t have to deal with all that stuff.

We love it here. I would say that we’ve all settled in very well. The people in Durham are very nice and as welcoming as the people in the South ever are. We love our house and we’ve got plenty of neighborhood kids for the boys. The boys love school and the fact that it’s never too hot to be outside. We needed a break from big city life, and Durham is a great place to find it. We drove through Newcastle (~1 mil pop), and were reminded of how nice it is to be in a smaller town. My studies are going well, and it feels like I’m making slow but sure progress–just got to finish this BNTS paper… I’ve got some good study mates–Kristian and Nijay, and I’m looking forward to the new people coming in the autumn. Church is different but the people are friendly.

I’d say that very few things are negatives here. The difference of expectation in customer service type stuff takes an adjustment. The ever decreasing value of the dollar requires a little more financial juggling. Being away from family for so long does take some work. But, none of those things are deal breakers.

In the end we’re all happy and healthy. We thank God for a very enjoyable adventure in the UK.


I just saw that Sky will give £30 gift cards to new subscribers and referers. If you are moving to the UK and are interested in Sky, give me a shout and I’ll refer you. (fyi, there is no cable here in Durham like in other parts of the UK, so Sky is pretty much the only way to go, at least as far as I know.)

Also, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me talk about Vonage, but we both get discounts (currently 2 months free each) through them if I refer you as well.

With both, I just need an email address.