Mark Bonnington, a Durham local who is associated with a local church–King’s Church–and also St. John’s College, pointed me to a very helpful post he did on Resurrection and Atonement in Paul. It helps clarify some of the questions I had with my Resurrection and Justification post and offers some good thought on the role of resurrection in Paul’s thought. The two goat, one living and one dead–in levitical atonement is an analogy well worth further thought. Definitely check it out.

Mark asked if I knew any resources. I’ve just started thinking about this, so haven’t done much reading. I just picked up David Michael Stanley’s Christ’s Resurrection in Pauline Soteriology, 1961, but I haven’t read it yet. I’m sure there’s got to be something more recent. Anybody else got good biblical or sytematic theology books that develop these connections?