I preached this past Sunday on Romans 8 at Carrville Methodist again. I asked to preach then so I could think a little more ‘pastorally’ about the subject of my BNTS paper. I had to cut down the sermon a little because I forgot that the churches here sing all 7 of the verses in hymns that only seemed to have 4 (or maybe 5) in the states. Plus with a really slow tempo by the organist, I think I lost about a quarter or more of my preaching time. But I guess it just forces you to focus on what’s important.

Adoption was my big theme, but it just gave me the intro to the already/not yet scheme of Paul’s theology–already adopted, justified, saved but not yet fully adopted, justified, saved. The teacher aspect in me came out and I had a ppt slide illustrating it. I actually came up with what is one of the best illustrations I’ve ever done–though the actual presentation left a little to be desired. After the Civil War the 13th-15th amendments were passed securing civil rights for all. But these rights weren’t fully consummated until 100 years later. The freedom was truly won before as with the cross/resurrection/pentecost, but it was a life of struggle while minorities awaited the full consummation of freedom as we await re-creation and resurrection. I’m proud of myself since I only come up with one good illustration per year, and I left my illustration file back in the states.