Here’s a copy of the paper I presented at BNTS 2007, Exeter: Glory-Romans-BNTS

The first half of the paper is probably the strongest. There are still a few sources that I need to track down were I to get this in a publishable state. Definitely give me any feedback.

Lessons learned? I might print out the paper double spaced or 1.5 spaced so as to have room for hand edits, of which there were a few. Budget for about 100 words per minute for a paper rather than my previous estimate of 110-120 wpm–I found I throw in a phrase or two periodically and that adds to the time.

While glory (doxa) is often discussed in relation to 2 Corinthians, the motif is also significant for Paul’s argument throughout much of Romans. Several commentators note how glory is a key motif in the letter, but they do not often integrate this into their larger discussions. Spread evenly throughout the letter, doxa and its cognates occur 22 times in Romans, and I propose that this motif gives important insights into Paul’s argument and theology, in particular his anthropology, soteriology and eschatology. I argue that along with a contribution to his honour discourse a central aspect of Paul’s conception of glory in Romans is immortality. Within this discussion I explore particularly the relation of glory to righteousness and also the present-future timing of glorification. And finally, I discuss the implications of this motif for recent interest in the theology of deification(theosis), or participating in the divine attributes.

Keywords: Romans, glory, doxa, δόξα, glorification, immortality, life, resurrection, theosis, deification