After dealing with British Gas’ ineptitude since we arrived in the UK, we finally have received the last ‘bill’ for gas today–though we never owed them anything. See my prior two posts on the saga: 1st and 2nd. After my 2nd post, I thought–again wrong–that everything had virtually been solved, but I was wrong. Even though everyone we spoke with confirmed that BG had NEVER been the supplier for our meter number, they continued to send us bills, shut off notices, legal warnings, etc. I finally contacted Energy Watch to report the complaint. I filled out a short form online, and received a call a day or so later to clarify the issues. Within one week, I received a call from BG apologising for the issue and conceding yet again that they were in fact not supplying this address and shouldn’t be sending us bills. We then received the ‘final bill’ showing a balance of £0. I should have learned my lesson after the first two posts, but it seems like things are finally resolved, once and for good! I should have contacted Energy Watch months ago.