So one of my resolutions for this year in England is to more fully engage in the local sporting culture. This primarily consists of watching regular amounts of local sports on the telly. The one sport that I know the least about is Cricket. I didn’t really give the Cricket World Cup earlier this year much attention, but it turns out that they are playing the World Twenty20 Cricket 2007 right now. The Twenty20 version is the same as normal Cricket events, except each team only gets one innings (sic) of 20 overs a piece. While that may not mean much to you, for us it means that the games last about as long as a US MLB game instead of 1 to 5 days. So, these games are much easier to watch (and gain permission to watch from your wife). England didn’t do as well as hoped, but they did okay. I watched India beat Australia today, which was unexpected, but it was quite a good match. On Monday the final will be played between Pakistan and India.

After watching several games over the last couple of weeks, I think I’ve got the basics down and even a little strategy. One help was watching games with the wikipedia article open to clarify things. I’ve enjoyed watching the games, and hope to keep up with it (at least at the World Cup level) even if/when we leave the UK. Within England, Durham County supposedly has quite a good team. Their season is all but wrapped up now, so I’ll have to go see one of their games live next year.