India pulled out a nail-biter today against Pakistan in the World Twenty20 championship. One of the other sports that I’ve been watching is the Rugby World Cup. As with other World Cup championships, they only come around every four years. I was in Australia about 12 years ago, around the time of the WC then, and picked up an interest in the sport. The Six Nations Cup plays each winter/spring, and that was fun to watch as well.

Each team has played about 3 games, and the US is all but out of it. They lost to England and Tonga and are expected to lose both of their next two games. However, the basic analysis is that they are performing better than expected, so that’s better than nothing. So, with not much to gain interest there, I’ve been obviously following England, who were the World Cup champs the last time around. England was trounced by South Africa earlier last week, which sent up some red flags. But they won squarely over Samoa Saturday to stay in the hunt. They aren’t the favorites to win this year, and must win their next game to move into the quarter finals.