After the burgeoning success of the Biblical Studies Carnival, the patristics world of bloggers has started up the Patristics Carnival as well.  They are now up to Patristics Carnival V this month and it’s hosted at God Fearin’ Forum

Blogging in all areas is varied in its nature and content, and this is no different in the area of patristics bloggers.  However, I have noticed that there tends to be a little more breadth on the devotional side of patristic blogging that you don’t find in the Biblical Studies crowd.  It’s definitely out there but not considered as ‘academic’.  Since the patristics crowd is smaller, I suppose they cast the net a little wider.  Now don’t get me wrong.  This is just an observation about those that are considered for inclusion and not that all or even most patristic blogging is of that nature.  I’m excited that it’s growing and becoming even more organised, at least as organised as you can be in the über-democratic blogging world.

(How funny is this: I did the spell check from wordpress and the following words came up as misspellings: blogger(s) and blogging.  You might think those two words would be in a blogging website’s dictionary.)