A couple of weeks before Christmas I went down to Tyndale House for a couple days.  There are a couple of Durham people that moved down there, so Nijay and I thought we’d visit periodically.  Besides walking a bit through the city centre, I really only hit Tyndale.  Tyndale was nice, with the community of scholars and the biblical studies library all in one place.  I can’t say that I wasn’t a little jealous, but I’m still more than happy with my choice of Durham.  Nijay wasn’t as impressed with Cambridge as a whole since the university library has such stringent requirements–no bags of any kind in the library and a limit of 10 books.   I suppose it all balances out somehow, and I know one Durham postgrad who turned down Cambridge for Durham this year.  It’s only a 3-4 hr train ride from Durham, so it’s easy enough to get down to visit.  I also hope to make it up to Edinburgh to visit their library as well.  These trips are also a good way to meet other postgrads.