Here’s the NT Research Seminar for the Epiphany term. I’ve got the pleasure of being invited to present this term. I think I’ve also been penciled into the Patristics Seminar as well at the end of this term, but the schedule hasn’t been published yet.

January 14: Professor John Barclay, ‘Manna and the Circulation of Grace: A Study of 2 Cor. 8.1-15’
January 21: Professor Francis Watson, ‘By Faith (of Christ): An Exegetical Dilemma and its Scriptural Solution’
January 28: Dr Paul Middleton (Edinburgh): ‘Martyrdom is a Queer Thing: Gender-Bending in the Acts of the Martyrs’
February 4: Dr Ward Blanton (Glasgow): “Is There a Scandal in This Text? Exhibiting an Accursed Messiah in Galatians”
February 11: Postgraduate short papers: (i) Mr Ben Blackwell, ‘The Motif of Glory (doxa) in Romans’; (ii) Mr Brad Matthews, ‘Where on earth is the divine fulness? Christ, Church and plērōma’.
February 18: Dr Mark Bonnington: ‘Paul, Prophet to the Nations: Paul’s Self-Understanding in the Light of Jeremiah 1’
February 25: Dr Stephen C. Barton, ‘New Testament Eschatology and the Ecological Crisis’
March 3: Dr Justin Meggitt (Cambridge): ‘The world of the New Testament: why some things do not matter’
March 7: Durham-Sheffield NT Postgraduates’ Day Conference in Durham
March 10: No meeting

For your diaries:
  * Public Lecture by Professor Ben Witherington III, ‘Oral Texts and Rhetorical Contexts: Rethinking the “Letters”’, at St John’s College Leech Hall, on Friday 18 January at 2pm
  * Durham-Duke Symposium in Durham on ‘Identity’, 15-18 May
  * British New Testament Conference at St John’s College Durham, 4-6 September