As opposed to Mardi Gras, the people in the UK celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  The term shrove, per wikipedia, is from an old english term related to confession, penance, and absolution.  The day is associated with pancakes (but these are more similar to crepes). 

From what I understand, pancakes generally are not nearly as popular in the UK as in the US as a regular food–no IHOPs, etc.  Per my pastor’s family they [waffles] are considered a savoury (rather than sweet food), so you wouldn’t add sweet syrup.  When they visit the US and their son orders ketchup with his pancakes, they always get weird looks, but what else would you put on a savoury dish?  Maybe brown gravy?

[Update: Ok my wife told me that it was waffles that my pastor was talking about not pancakes–oops–and that pancakes if they are eaten are a desert food, so you would not mix them with savoury stuff like eggs and bacon.]