I needed a form notarised, so I poked around on the internet.  I found information about notaries and ‘commissioners for oaths’, but I thought I just ask someone here what they thought.  They recommended going to see a solicitor (~’lawyer’).  I went to one in the city centre, and his secretary said that he wasn’t a notary and wouldn’t sign anything that had the word notary on the form.  But she was kind enough to send me to the only firm in town (with 80k people) that she knew of that had a notary.  (I’m not sure what notaries do in the UK but they are not ubiquitous as in the US.) 

I got a lift from a friend and headed over there.  I was told that I could have the notary sign the form for a mere £70+tax (~$140).  I knew this form didn’t need £70 worth of authentication, so I asked if there was another option.  She said a solicitor could administer an oath and sign it for just £5, and that sounded about right.  So she produced a Bible and had me hold it in my hand while swearing that I am who I say I am and that all the information on the form is accurate.  Not what I expected, but it got the job done.