Sorry for the sparse posting for the past couple of weeks.  I’ve had a few things going on such as…

At the end of March I turned in a second chapter for my 18 month review.  It’s on Cyril’s view of deification.  He’s got interesting stuff on 2 Pet 1.4 and particpation.  I hope to do a couple of posts about it.

Last week I spent a few days down at Tyndale House (Cambridge) with Mark Mathews, another Durham NT student.  It was a good trip, and Mark’ a great traveling partner. 

  • My main task was to think about ‘methodology’, or rather how to make the jump from patristics back to Paul, so I read mostly about hermeneutics theory–one or two meanings in the text, theological interpretation, postmodernism, Gadamer, wirkungsgeschichte, history of interpretation, etc.  Again, the topic’s worthy of a couple of posts.  If any of you have good recommendations I’d appreciate it.
  • We checked out Galloway & Porter, which has a decent variety of biblical studies/theology monographs, especially LNTS.  (They’re better stocked on gospels stuff).  They specialise in seconds and returns so most volumes are £6-9, and I got one for £1. 
  • We stumbled upon a place for great burgers–Revolution.  We had to go back the next day.

Hmmm…what else.  I found out that both of my SBL proposals got turned down.  That’s a bummer.  I knew the Paul one was a long shot with the competition, but was hoping for the Irenaeus on to pan out. 

We’ve been getting snow off and on for the past couple of weeks, though it’s not been cold enough for it to stick.  Last night it stuck so we got to have a nice snowball fight this morning–a little different for this Texas boy.

We’re leaving today to go visit Inverness and Loch Ness for Easter (aka spring break) for the week, so it’ll be a bit before I post again.