All of the above have been our favorite things since we arrived home from our holiday and found out that our boiler is broken. A broken boiler means no heat and no hot water. Brrr! Thankfully we have friends (thanks Brad and Abi!) that lent us a space heater, and other friends (Cavins and Manz fams) that let us use their showers. So, we’re going back many decades to a life where you boil water for dishes or a quick bath…and you all huddle in one warm room in the house for the majority of the day. We’re on Day 5 of the Arctic living. The ‘boiler guy’ has promised that the parts he needs will be here and that he’ll be here to do something about this…but we haven’t heard from him today yet.

The biggest part of the hassle has actually been dealing with our property managment company–North East Property Lettings, who say they ‘go that extra mile in looking after our tenants by giving our properties the upmost care and attention.’  I’d be happy if they just went the first mile with me.  They apparently think 5 days without heating and hot water isn’t a problem and that rush ordering parts is apparently the 3rd mile that’s not required.  I don’t want to be an England basher, but this reflects a different level of customer service that is expected between the US and UK that shows up through all parts of life here.  So, I’m praying for divine patience and grace and giving thanks for the people in the UK who make up for what their companies don’t provide. 

[Update: The repairman finally came and things are back in order.  So no excuses for not getting back into work!]