For Recreational Use OnlyNow that the weather is nice my boys and I have been out in the back garden (~yard) playing catch with our(american) football.  It hit me that I needed to have my older son (7 yrs) practice catching with a baseball glove but all I could find around the house was tennis ball.  It was ok, but I went to find a baseball somewhere.  I found one at a couple of places that had a ball-bat combo for about £9 ~$18 and that was more than I wanted to spend.  As we were out looking at bikes (see below), I found one at a store for just £3.  It had this funny warning sticker:

‘For Recreational Use Only’ — What other use is there for a baseball?

 My 4 year old over the weekend came up out of nowhere and asked me to take his stablisers (~training wheels) off.  I had to convince my my older one that he had to take his off before we moved when he was.  It was like pulling teeth and severely tested my patience.  Not this time.  Once we got a couple of test runs, all I had to do was pinch his shirt on his back to ‘hold on’ but he was doing all the work.  Exciting.  It made me want to get on the bike more, so I went out and bought one on sale since I had been struggling with an old used one since I got here.  I also got around to fixing the front break on my older son’s bike, so all three of us are ready to roll.  We plan to hit some of the local bike trails this summer.