With Andrew Louth retiring in a couple of years, the direction of patristics in Durham is at a cross roads.  With Carol Harrison, his wife, strongly representing Augustinian studies, the loss of Father Andrew will be a great hole to fill.  Durham recently hired three people that will be a great step towards filling the hole.  The first to be hired was Mark McIntosh (from Loyola in Chicago), as I mentioned earlier, who was hired for systematic theology but has a fair about of experience with patristic thought.  Then they hired Father Andrew’s expected direct replacement: Krastu Banev, who finished his PhD at Cambridge in the past two or three years.  And most recently, they hired Lewis Ayres (from Emory) as the Bede Chair in Catholic Theology.  McIntosh and Ayres won’t be here until 2009, but Durham patristic studies will definitely be in good hands with these three.