I’ve gone through and updated my list of the NT doctoral programmes (or programs, if you like) and the Lecturers at each here in the UK (plus tuition fees for each).  There’s been a little bit of turnover, but not too much that I found–theology departments don’t seem to be that quick for updating websites.  Please let me know if I’ve got somebody in the wrong place.  I may be biased, but I’d say that Durham and Cambridge have the best two line-ups.  Anybody want to venture their ranking?

After my chat with Richard Hays about Duke’s program, I’ve come to see the value in a critical mass of students and lecturers.  For instance, since they only accept 1 NT phd student per year at Duke, there’s not a huge amount of NT community.  (Don’t get me wrong the faculty there definitely makes up for it.)  But, the fact that I get to rub shoulders daily with 5 other NT students plus the other 10 or so that I see regularly at the weekly seminar, etc. is quite handy for bouncing ideas off one another, learning about areas I’m not personally researching, etc.  I’d still rank your supervisor as the top criteria for selecting a school, but size of the research community is definitely a strong plus for those that can find it.