I recently watched Michael Moore’s ‘SiCKO‘.  Though his presentation is clearly one sided (e.g., he doesn’t show some of the proplems with the UK system), it’s almost too hard to comprehend what the US allows to happen.  I didn’t have a strong opinion one way or another living in the states, but after living here and seeing universal healthcare first-hand, I think it is appalling the way that the poor and uninsurable get treated in the states.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fairly libertarian in my political views with a strong desire for limited government, but healthcare is one area that shouldn’t be managed as a for-profit business.  It seems to me that health care is as basic, if not more, than education, and we have no problem providing–even requiring–universal education.  Just as the two-tier system allows for the rich to opt out of the universal education system (i.e., private schools), the same option can and should be available for health care (that’s what they have here).  This wouldn’t be a problem-free system.  No system is–I can give annecdotes of good and poor help on both sides of the pond, but these don’t outweigh the way the poor are treated in the US.  But shouldn’t we opt for higher taxes to allow the poorest and sickest in our society to live without worries from health insurers or fear for the health of their family?