I officially hit 300 posts after blogging for just about 2 years.  My sitemeter counter shows close to 24,000 hits, but my wordpress counter shows over 60,000 hits–which appears to be total page views rather than the number of individual viewers per day as sitemeter.  Per GoogleReader I’ve got about 60 people reading my blog through there, so with bloglines and the rest maybe I’m getting close to 80-90?  I suppose that’s enough people for me to know it’s not just my mom and my wife that read this.  It’s weird to think that my blog gets hits from all over the globe. 

I was feeling good about myself until I saw Mark Goodacre’s post about having his 4 millionth hit!  But I will say this has been quite a useful experiment.  I have met quite a few quality people that I never would have otherwise.  Hopefully it has been helpful for a few people researching PhD programs in the UK and for those in North America moving here.  I will definitely keep on, and will hopefully post more substantive scholarly things periodically.

Thanks to all who keep up with me here.