I got this from the international office here the other day…

Dear student,

As you may be aware the International Graduates Scheme (IGS) and other work schemes suitable for international students have been replaced with Tier 1 – Post Study Work.   

Tier 1 – Post Study Work aims to retain international graduates who have studied in the UK in much the same way as IGS.  Students eligible to apply under the post study work category will be able to remain and work in the UK for a period of 2 years without requiring a work permit. You will qualify to apply under Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) if you meet all the following requirements:  

  • You must not previously have been given immigration permission as a Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) Migrant.
  • You must have a minimum of 75 points in attributes.
  • You must have 10 points for English language (you have this automatically if you have 75 points in attributes).
  • You must have 10 points for meeting the maintenance (funds) requirement.
  • If you are applying in the UK, you must have, or have last been granted, immigration permission as one of the following:
    • a student
    • a student nurse
    • a student re-sitting an examination
    • a student writing up a thesis
    • a participant in the International Graduates Scheme or the Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme
    • a participant in the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme.
  • In some cases, you must provide your sponsor’s consent to your application

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) has produced a detailed guidance note ‘Working in the UK after your Studies’ to explain how to apply under Tier 1.  There is also a very helpful guide to assist you with your application for Tier 1 available on the UKCISA websiteFurther information on Tier 1 can be obtained from the UK Border Agency website