Here’s the Michaelmas Term 2008 New Testament Research Seminar for Durham’s Department of Theology and Religion (Seminar Room C, Abbey House, 4.15—5.45 pm each Monday):

13 October: Seminar reception in Seminar Room B, starting at 4.30pm

20 October: Professor C. Clifton Black (Princeton Theological Seminary): ‘Revisiting Biblical Theology’

27 October: Professor Francis Watson (Durham): ‘Luke, Papias and Gospel Origins’

3 November: Professor Richard Hays (Duke Divinity School): ‘Hidden in order to Be Revealed: Jesus as the God of Israel in Mark’s Gospel’

5 November: C.K. Barrett Lecture by Professor Richard Hays (Duke Divinity School): ‘Turning the World Upside Down: Israel’s Scripture in Luke-Acts.’

10 November: Dr Wendy E.S. North (Durham): ‘Points and Stars: John and the Synoptics’

17 November: Postgraduate research in progress presentations—Susan Mathew, ‘Reciprocity in the Pauline Mission: Reflections on the Role ans Status of Phoebe in Rom 16.1-2’; Kyle Wells, ‘The Vinidication of the Divine and Human Agent in Paul’s Reading of Deuteronomy 30.1-10’

24 November: no seminar due to SBL meeting in Boston USA

1 December: Professor John Moles (Newcastle): ‘Chrestians and Christians in the First Century’

8 December: Dr Paul Foster (Edinburgh): ‘Passion Traditions in the Gospel of Peter’

15 December: Professor Donald Hagner (Fuller Theological Seminary): title TBA