As usual, Phil has offered up a great summary of the past month’s patristic productions over at Hyperekperissou: Patristics Carnival XVIII.  I noticed Durham’s own Kevin Hill of Courting the Mystery made it on there.

I found Greg Boyd’s comments on the Chalcedonian Creed very interesting: Hellenistic Philosophy and the Problem of Chalcedon. While I’m not sure about the conclusions he draws, the primary point that we should begin our thinking about God from the incarnation rather than from hellenistic philosophy does make one think. That is, our starting point from the incarnation would show us that there is no conflict between humanity and divinity. However, what about the issue of created and uncreated. I don’t think that’s a ‘hellenistic philosophy’ only distinction. I don’t think the father’s were ‘creating’ a problem. They were responding to ones from several directions.  But I think Boyd’s fundamental point that Christ is the greatest and most determinative revelation of who God is is the right way to think about the discussion.