19 January: Professor John Barclay (Durham): ‘Security and self-sufficiency: a comparison of Paul and Epictetus’

26 January: to be announced

2 February: Dr Lionel North (Durham): ‘1 Corinthians 8.6: From Confession to Paul to Creed to Paul’

9 February: Professor James Dunn (Durham): ‘Re-appreciating the Oral Jesus Tradition’

16 February: Two short papers on ‘research in progress’: (i) Mr Aaron Sherwood, “Worship and the Unification of Israel and the Nations in Romans 15:7 –13: An Invitation to Further Study”; (ii) Mark Mathews, ‘Name Calling at Qumran and in the Book of Revelation: Identifying Phases of Sectarian Development Through Labels and Sobriquets.’

23 February: Dr Bruce Longenecker (St Andrews): ”They added nothing’: Galatians 2:6-10 and the Poor in Early Christian Mission’

2 March: Professor Francis Watson, ‘On the Authorship of the “Secret Gospel of Mark”’

9 March: Three short papers on ‘research in progress’: (1) Jason Maston, “Paul’s Critique of the Two-Ways Scheme in Romans 7.7-25”, (ii) Laurie Wheeler, “Paul’s Gospel as Prophetic Word in 1 Thessalonians”, (iii) Jonathan Worthington, title to come